Dear All, Om Sri Sairam!

Sata Koti Pranams to all the Rudras & Rudrani’s that joined these prayers. May we contemplate on the conclusion of Sri Rudram that simply highlights the power of Sai Rudras and Rudrani’s..

namaH – rudrEbhaH – yE – pRthivyAm – yE – antarikshE – yE – divi – yEShAm – annam – vAtaH – varSham – iShavaH – tEbhyaH –

daSa – prAcIH – daSa – dakshiNAH – daSa – pratIcIH – daSa – udIcIH -daSa – UrdhvAH – tEbhyaH – namaH – tE – naH – mRDayantu –

tE – yam – dviShmaH – yaH – ca – naH – dvEShTi – tam – vaH – jambhE – dadhAmi

Literal meaning

Prostration to the Rudras (in myriad forms) who exist in earth atmosphere and heaven, and whose arrows (weapons) are food, wind and rain (respectively); prostration to these with folded hands, all the ten fingers joined forward in submission to the east, ten fingers thus to the south, ten fingers to the west, ten fingers to the north, ten fingers upwards; prostration to them. May they render us happy. Whomsoever we hate and whoever hates us, him we, having thus resorted, consign (O Rudras!) into your wide open mouths.

Inner Meaning

Millions of Rudrams offered from all the directions with all of our ten faculties synchronized to purify the food, water, and atmosphere (simply in Love and Service). May we (join them) to bring joy and happiness to ourselves and all the beings in all the worlds. May we forgive ourselves from the hatred for those we dislike and those who dislike us.

LOVE ALL SERVE ALL – Samasta Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu!!

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Format for Chanting and Sankalpam

Chanting Order
1. Ganapathi Prarthana
2. Gayathri Manthra (x3)
3. RudraPrasnah (Anganyasah, Karanyasah, Dhyanaslokam) & (PanchaUpacharas for EkadasaRudram)
4. SriRudram
5. Durgasuktham
6. Purushasuktham
7. Sai Gayathtri (x3)
8. Kshamaa Prarthana (yadaksaraparabhrastam)
9. Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavanthu (x9)

Audio & PDF Files For Daily Parayanam

Rudram 1x Audio

Rudram 11x Audio

Prayers (PDF)

Please contemplate on the following in Rik 6 in Sri Rudram that highlights HIS promise,
“why fear when I am here”.

adhyavocat adhivakta prathamo daivyo bhiShak
ahIgsca sarvAn jambhayan sarvAsca yAtu dhAnyaH

HE, the first among all, who is the primordial doctor, healer, and protector, states and assures the following.
That HE shall protect and heal all by destroying all those that hurt and cause sorrow with or without provocation.