Dearest all – Om Sri Sairam!

This pandemic is an incredible transformational force that has brought humanity to its knees. It is evident that the root cause of this Collective Suffering is the mass unconsciousness or unawareness that we are a Collective Cosmic Being including all others that share this planet. To overcome this suffering now and in future it is inevitable to surrender together in Collective Prayers to bring forth raise in mass awareness of Collective Living, Collective Learning, Collective Listening, and Collective Loving. This is the quintessential teaching and path of the Enlightened – The Buddha!

We offer Sata kOTi praNams at the Lotus Feet of Bhagawan Sri Satya Sai Baba.   These are undoubtedly testing times for the entire humanity and millions affected by the loss or ill health of a loved one due to the pandemic and beyond. 

We urge all of you to join the Collective Prayers for Global Healing starting on Buddha Purnima May 25 and ending with a special offering on Guru Purnima July 24. 

Here is the link to Register which is about commitment for Collective Spirit. Kindly do so by Monday May 24th.

The Daily Prayers would entail multiple options as follows. 

  • Daily Rudram Chanting
  • 108x Gayatri Mantra
  • 1008x Om Sri Sairam, or any Name or Mantra that you adore.
  • Daily 6,300 steps chanting Om Sri Sairam or any Name or Mantra that you adore. 

You are welcome to choose whatever you are able to do from the above. However, it is important to do it collectively and consistently at the same time. 

Prayers for Global Healing

Prayers would be conducted on Zoom multiple times a day as indicated below. We request that you kindly choose a time that best suits your schedule and join consistently. 

Zoom Links for Daily Prayers
6 AM EST = Noon CEST = 3:30 PM IST = 6 PM SGT = 7 PM JST
3 PM PST = 6 PM EST = 3:30 AM IST = 6 AM SGT = 7 AM JST = 8 AM AEST 
Meeting ID: 853 2202 3332
Passcode: sairam
6 AM PST = 9 AM EST = 3 PM CEST = 6:30 PM IST = 9 PM SGT
9 AM PST = Noon EST = 9:30 PM IST = 6 PM CEST
6 PM PST = 9 PM EST = 3 AM CEST = 6:30 AM IST = 9 AM SGT
Zoom Link for above times: 
Meeting ID: 864 0234 9489 
Passcode: sairam

We will offer Ekadasa Rudra Abhishekam every Saturday beginning May 29 at 6 AM PST and 6 PM EST by Zoom (same links noted above). 
Finally, please register each member of the family separately. We will be sending the links for logging in your count weekly.

Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu!

**We request that you MUTE yourself and also disable VIDEO to save bandwidth.**


We are grateful to Bhagwan for bringing us all together. We thank you all for participating. A few FAQs below and please reach us if you need more information via email to

  1. How will the zoom calls/ group sadhana work ?
    Sairam: Each zoom call will be initiated by designated hosts, who will play/share the video on the screen and all the participants can chant along seeing the script.
  2. Where can I get the audio/video recording and the PDF of the script?
    Sairam : All the recordings and PDF can be downloaded below.
  3. Can we do individual sadhana?
    Sairam : Group Sadhana is encouraged but if circumstances force you to have individual sadhana as the only option, please go ahead.
  4. What other practices do we need to follow during the sadhana period?
    Sairam : Vegetarian diet, no alcohol, and smoking. Observing spiritual silence and refraining as much as possible from social media and television.

Daily Prayer/Sadhana Format

  • 3x Aums and 3x Gayathri
  • Ganesh Prayer (Ganapathi Prarthana)
  • RudraPrasnah invocation (Anganyasah, Karanyasah).
  • Sri Rudram, Namakam, Camakam (at least 1 time)
  • Durga Suktham
  • Purusha Suktam 
  • Samputitha Sri Suktham (see below)
  • Multifaith Prayers
  • Kshama Prarthana
  • 9X Samastha Lokha Sukhino Bhavanthu

When a mantra or Rik is sandwiched by another it is called Samputitam. Such process will enhance the potency each Rik by several fold make it equivalent to chanting the Rik many thousands of times. Samputitha Sri Suktam invokes Mother Mahalakshami (supreme auspiciousness) by sandwiching each Rik of with Sri Suktam between a Sloka from Durga Saptashati as described in the attached PDF.  Learning modules as mp3 for all the above mantras and PDFs are available for download here

Audio File

Video Link (Youtube)

Video Download Link (mp4, 700+mb)

Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu!! Jai Sairam!!