• All MUST enter through the side entrance of the building.
  • Please maintain absolute SILENCE during the entire session of the Aarthi and Bhajans maintain respect and courtesy to all 
  • Please fill the respective lamps with oil making sure NOT TO SPILL OIL on the altar. If there is an accidental spill, please wipe it
  • Please bring some Naivedhyam from home and include some fruits, nuts and some flowers for offering.
  • After offering Naivedhyam to Baba, please distribute prasad to devotees attending and kindly take back all the Prasad home, please don’t leave anything behind. The Center MUST remain free of all food after any and all events
  • PLEASE TURN OFF THE OIL LAMPS while leaving the Center. NO AGNI should be left on in the center when all functions are completed, this is a HAZARD.
  • Please turn off all the lights (except the light on the altar) when leaving the facility. The light on altar/Baba are switched off after night Shej Arathi. Please make sure all doors are locked including the main DOORS
  • Please call (916) 934-9942 or (408) 569-4283 if you are unable to go or cancel at the last minute (1 hour prior to the Start Time)

Bhajan Etiquette

  • If you would like to sing a Bhajan please we ask that you arrive 15 minutes early.
  • If you would like to offer anything to Baba please arrive 15 min early, Once Bhajan starts NO one is allowed to approach the alter.
  • When doing Aarti please keep it short and allow fellow devotes aarti as well.
  • Please keep children under parents control
  • DO NOT walk on red carpet this is for Baba
  • When going for Aarti please form one single line  to the right of the alter.  
  • When finish doing Aarti please take your respective seat.
  • Once Bhajan is finished please Keep Silence NO TALKING. 

Maintaining BABA Robes 

  • If you volunteer to wash Baba Robes, please take home the box marked as “OLD/USED BABA ROBES”
  • Please only hand wash the Robes and put it out to dry with light
  • Please Press the robes with utmost care and put them back in Ziploc bags and bring it back to the center within 3 days.

PRASAD Volunteers 

  • Please make sure food is prepared and packed only in the Kitchen
  • Please ensure no food is partaken in the main hall by any of the


Instructions for Arathi Volunteers KAKAD ARATHI – START TIME: 6:30 AM PRESENT TIME: 6:00 – 7:45 AM

  1. Pick up keys from lock box , come around and open the main door of the building, turn OFF security, open the main door of the center
  2. After Entering the Center, open up the Screens and Start playing the Kakad Arathi from the MP3 player, There are some morning prayers before actual KAKAD Arathi begins. Until the beginning of Kakad arathi please follow Steps 2 & 3.
  3. Clean up the dry and stale flowers from the altar and place some new
  4. Replace water from the 3 kalasams in the
  5. Once the Arathi stops,
    1. Utsava Murthi (Small Murthi):- Take new Baba robe from the room and replace Baba’s While replacing take a small piece of wet cloth and Wipe Baba and Put on the new robes, rudraksha Malas, and put Chandan.
    2. Moolavar Murthi (Big Murthi):- Take 2 robes from the room, one will be the cotton one and the other one like a shawl and put it for Baba. There will be chandan Mala and Rudraksha Mala please put them as
    3. Kindly request that no offering of Haldi or Kumkum to both the Murthis. Also kindly refrain from pouring water or milk or any other liquid both the Murthis.
  6. Offer Naivaidhya while doing Food Prayer
  7. Decorate Altars with Flowers if you have any


  1. Play the Madhyan Arathi on the MP3 player (follow the instruction on how to use).
  2. At the end of the Arathi, Offer Naivedhyam While doing food


  1. Play the Dhoop Arathi on the MP3 player (follow the instruction on how to use).
  2. At the end of the Arathi, offer Naivedhyam while doing Food Prayer


  1. Start by Offering Naivedhyam. Do Food Prayer
  2. Robe Change:
    1. Utsava Murthi (Small Murthi): Change Baba’s robes to a simple Robe can be found in the room and Keep the one on Baba on the box Labelled “USED BABA ROBES” and keep the malas and chain in the plate near the altar.
    2. Moolavar Murthi (Big Murthi): Please remove the outer cloth or shawl and neatly fold it and put it back in the
  1. Play the Shej Arathi on the MP3 player (follow the instruction on how to use).
  2. Close the screen, Switch off the Lights and Silent Departure
  3.  Lock the main door of the center, and Return keys to lock box